Gumbalimba Park

GUMBALIMBA PARK is a family-friendly attraction in the island of Roatan that offers its visitors the opportunity to mingle with friendly white-face Capuchin monkeys and free-flying exotic birds (Including macaws, parrots, and hummingbirds). Visitors can spot indigenous lizards and iguanas all around the park. Tourist gaze at a variety of almost 2500 preserved insects from around the world in an air-conditioned insectarium, wander through a dense tropical jungle with nature trails, a suspension bridge, colorful flowers and butterflies, numerous waterfalls and more than 200 vibrant plant and tree species. Visit a pirate’s cave filled with maps, weapons, and artwork to learn about their history in the Bay Islands and much more. .

Tabyana Beach,West Bay

Tabyana Beach, The Lost Caribbean ROATAN'S BREATHTAKING BEACH SHORE EXCURSION Are you ready for an incredible day at the ultimate Roatan beach? After so much time spent looking at the ocean while onboard your cruise ship, do you just want to dive right in? Feel the sand between your toes? Play in the clear, turquoise water? Rediscover the lost Caribbean in Roatan with a shore excursion to Tabyana Beach, a place where coconut, grape, and almond trees converge with seemingly endless powdery white sand and dazzling blue water. Once you pick your jaw up off the sand and the rest of your senses kick in, you'll hear strains of live Caribbean music floating on the air, smell fresh meat on the grill, and feel the cooling trade winds dance past you, keeping you comfortable while you relax in paradise.

Roatan Iguana Farm

Sherman Arch's Iguana Farm has grown into one of Roatan's most popular tourist destinations. There are few reasons behind this. Firstly, the Iguanas (Garrobo) are amazing. Iguanas are an interesting reptile which most people never get to see in these numbers. Secondly, the value proposition is phenomenal. For on or about $10 visitors to an excellent photo opportunity. There is also a fish sanctuary down in the marina where the owner has kept a very large fish in an enclosed area for visitors to appreciate. And if visitors are around for the feeding, they're in for a treat. Roatan's Iguana farm is located in French Harbor. The farm has been around for well over a decade, going on two. The iguana is a protected species on Roatan. And Arch' Iguana farm is leading the way in modeling good stewardship and conservation. There is an estimated 3000 iguana freely roaming in and around Sherman's property.

Roatan Dolphins Adventure

The idyllic setting of Anthony’s Key Resort is enough to evoke a sense of wonder and awe. Here you can also immerse yourself in the world of our local marine life with our dolphin encounter and educational programs. Dolphins seem to top just about everyone’s “favorite animal” list, and it’s no wonder. These gentle mammals are friendly and intelligent, and they’re known for their agility and playful behavior. During your stay at Anthony’s Key Resort, you have the rare opportunity to interact with our resident pod of dolphins in their natural environment. A large family of Atlantic Bottlenose dolphins makes their home just across our lagoon at Bailey’s Key. Here you can swim and snorkel with them on their own terms, with no trained behaviors. You can also dive with them in the open sea and experience what it’s like to be ‘part of the pod’. If you crave more extensive experience, consider the Dolphin Trainer for a Day or the Dolphin Specialty Course. If your family enjoys a summer visit, the kids can take part in our six-day Dolphin Scuba Camp. They’ll brush up on their snorkeling and scuba skills while learning and interacting with these beautiful sea mammals.

Roatan Long Island Tours

Transporation and Activities

Roatan Long Island Tours is one of the tour companies on the island, but what differs Us from others is that We offer variety of different tours all over the island. We have also all kinds of transportation services like transfers from/to the airport/port, local transportation (to town center, shopping, supermarket, to have lunch/dinner, go out at night to dance or have a drink). You need to go somewhere on the island, just call us 24/7 our WhatsApp +504 3380-6471 or +504 87344767 We also offer Activities for Cruiseship Passenger Coming on a cruise to Roatan it’s a fun way to visit and explore the island.Our company offers different options of Tours and Activities so you can enjoy your day on the island to the fullest. Our offers vary from all day all inclusive alternatives to special activities. Check out our Tours section on our website to see what kind of experience you would like to enjoy you can also email Us we are looking forward to hearing from you...

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